My Wishes New York

We will be visiting Albany and New York in October and November


We will be speaking at this years Digital Legacy Conference and would love to meet those working within the tech, end of life and hospice sector. Please get in touch if you are going to be in Albany or New York between the 24th October - 5th November.



Welcome, to MyWishes (closed beta)

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Welcome! If you are reading this message then you have been provided access to MyWishes before it launches.  I hope that you enjoy having a snoop around and we welcome any feedback you may have.

To get started on My Wishes click on the tabs (on the left hand side) of the screen. You may want to click on 'My Profile' to get started and make your way through each section.

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Capturing the Spirit of Death

The idea

MyWishes is a free to use technology platform. We help to normalise end of life conversations and the use of technologies for death and dying.

Technologies have been a part of death and dying for thousands of years. The headstone is an early example of how someones final resting place would be marked with a large stone and often inscribed.

During the reign of Queen Victoria and with the emergence of cameras many people believe that photograph would capture and in-prison the subject’s soul. Early photographs where take with a long exposure and movements would often result in the photographs having a ghost like figure appear or the spirit leaving the person’s body.

The MyWishes team find this fascinating and we decided to explore this subject matter when speaking and exhibiting and the Ideal Death Show. We invited the attendees to strike a, still and somber pose. After a few seconds we asked them to move around at a slightly faster pace and then to move our of shot. Photos were captured on a long shutter speed and captured in black and white.

This was a playful way to explore a Victorian concern about death and the technological invention called, ‘the camera’.

The outcome

Over the course of three hours we took photos of attendees. By allowing participants to be playful with an area relating to death and dying, we hope that the subject matter of death became a little more approachable. We would like to thank the Good Funeral Guide for inviting us to speak and “do something experiential” at this wonderful event.

MyWishes, a community approach to end of life planning

We have been working hard with professionals and the general public to launch MyWishes in an attempt to change and better the ways in which we  approach death and ensure that our wishes are adhered to.

If you have been provided with early access and have any suggestions about what we could do better please do get in touch.

Thanks a lot,

James & the team. x

We spoke on Jon Richardson's TV show about planning for death digitally...

We were asked to talk about MyWishes on John Richardson's Ultimate Worrier. It is great that mainstream TV stations are not only taking interest in our service and what we provide but also end of life planning in general

Jon Richardson

Jon was very complimentary of our work and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting him and the other comedians on the show.

We would like to thank UKTV for addressing the important area of planning for death in such a creative and lighthearted way.

fantasy football

New Book Contribution: A matter of life and death

‘I rejoice that death has become less of a taboo subject in our conversations. In this timely book you will discover precious wisdom and heartfelt insights from people of all walks of life…As I have listened to these voices, I have found reassurance and enlightenment. I know this book will offer the same gifts to you whether you believe in a transition to a new life or contemplate the beyond with some uncertainty. I commend it highly.’ – from the foreword by Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Contributors from all walks of life share their thoughts on carefully selected writings, images and artwork that most accurately express death to them. Describing their unique experiences, they reveal that, beyond the heartache and the mystery, death teaches us all invaluable lessons about how we live our lives. Offering comfort, reassurance and varied insights into death, loss and its impact on life, this collection is for anyone who might be coming to terms with this inevitable destination. Royalty proceeds from the book will be donated to Ashgate Hospicecare, North Derbyshire, UK.

Last year James Norris (MyWishes's founder) was asked by the author to contribute some of his experiences on death. James decided to speak about his good friend and former university housemate Ben Birch who died of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (S.A.D.S) in 2013.

Ben (above – being carried, thumb placed in mouth) was an avid football fan. He also played Fantasy Football (a online football game) each week during the football season. After Ben’s death a mutual friend from University called Andrew Hadley (above holding Ben) created a memorial league in Ben’s honour.

fantasy footballJames’ contribution revolves around the personal value he places on this league. A matter of life and death will go on sale on the 18th August 2016. You can preorder you copy on Amazon here.