Womens Cancer Support Service

Specialist Women’s Cancer Support Service

We would like to send out a warm "welcome" to members of the Specialist Women’s Cancer Support Service who are using MyWishes. We hope that you find value in MyWishes and the features available.

Womens Cancer Support Service

The Specialist Women’s Cancer Support Service is available to women living with the effects of any cancer and the impact of its treatments within the catchment area of St Giles and Breast Friends. Specifically this means Sutton Coldfield, Erdington, Kingstanding, Castle Vale, Great Barr, Lichfield, Tamworth, Walsall, Cannock, Rugeley and Burton on Trent.

Speaking on BBC Scotland (Radio)

Facebook's announce Tribute's feature

Yesterday our founder spoken on BBC Scotland about the importance of planning for death. He also spoke about what social media and other technology companies are doing in relation to their own end of life policies and procedures.

The audio snippet below is of James speaking about Facebook's upcoming 'Tributes' feature and what the changes may be for Facebook users worldwide.


Digital Legacy Conference

Digital Legacy Conference & EAPC 2019

Speaking at the Digital Legacy Conference

We will be speaking at the annual Digital Legacy Conference the 16th World Congress of the European Association of Palliative Care in Berlin.

The Internet has changed many aspects of our lives. It has also changed the ways in which we view death, dying and bereavement and how we remember those close to us. This year, the 16th World Congress of the European Association of Palliative Care will welcome the Digital Legacy Conference.


Digital Legacy Conference

This annual conference addresses death and dying in today’s digital world. The conference will be free to all congress delegates and will take place on Friday 24 May in Estrel B with the reception starting from 18:15 ahead of a prompt 18:30 start.

Tickets can be reserved at https://digitallegacyconference.com


Hospice UK

What to do if someone close to you is diagnosed with a terminal illness

What's next?

Hospice UK have published a short video highlighting the two actions that you should follow if someone close to you is diagnosed with a terminal illness.


Charities and resources providing further support

There are a range of national and local services able to provide you with advice and support. Some of the main charities able to provide support are listed below. You may also want to find reach out to a charity, hospice or support network close to where you live. You may also find value in speaking with a charity who provides support to the general public around any specific conditions that you may be diagnosed with.


Grieving in a digital world (video)

How the internet is changing the way we grieve

A video about grieving in today's digital world features MyWishes. It was recently released following the Digital Legacy Conference in Siena College, New York last year.

The video explores how the internet is changing the ways in which society remembers and grieves for our loved ones.


For more information about the Digital Legacy Conference visit: http://DigitalLegacyConference.com 

Survey Data

Each year the digital death survey is conducted. It explores and examines societies sentiment and behaviours around death and dying in relation to the internet.

Digital Death Survey


According to the Digital Death Survey, the importance society places on being able to "view" social media accounts of the deceased appears to be increasing year on year.

Professor Green

Professor Green speaks about the importance of photographs and bereavement

Professor Green recently spoke to the BBC about power of photographs and their significance after someone we care about dies. Professor Green then explores how society and our relationship with photography has changed due to the birth of the internet and social media sites (like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)


MySpace loses all content uploaded before 2016

This recent data loss has once again highlighted why it is important to backup the photos and videos we upload online. In the coming weeks both Google+ and Flickr will be taking down media and removing it off the internet. Whichever online and social media accounts you use to store and save content on please ensure that you backup your media.

Russell Brand death

Russell Brand addresses grief

Russell Brand has has addressed many social and economical aspects of life and society over the years in both his standup comedy shows, his Youtube channel and podcasts. It is great that Russell has addressed 'Dealing With Grief' in this short video.

We would love to watch more videos by Russell Brand that address death, dying and bereavement. Good work Russell!

Stan Lee's final tweet

Stan Lee's final Tweet

Stan Lee (28th December, 1922 – 12th November, 2018) was an American comic book writer, editor, publisher, and producer. He  is known for being the leader and face of Marvel Comics responsible for many superhero films and cartoons ranging from Spider Man and the Hulk to Black Panther and X-Men.

Stan Lee's final tweet appears to be pre-planned and simple yet true to the person he was. Stan Lee's legacy in both life and death continues.



What is a celebrant?

We recently spoke about end of life planning and MyWishes at the annual Celebrants Convention. Whilst there we caught up with Wendy Coulton a fully qualified Civil Funeral Celebrant.

In the video below Wendy Coulton explains what a celebrant is and how a celebrant helps support the recently bereaved when arranging a funeral service.

To document your funeral wishes (for free) and pass them on to you next of kin visit www.MyWishes.co.uk.