Taking place online on the 28th February 2023 (10:00 – 11:30 GMT)

This event is specifically for Newham charities and organisations who support the general public with care planning activities.

For the past year Newham has been doing some targeted work to raise awareness of advance care planning in the borough. Residents have consistently shared their worries about their end-of-life wishes, particularly about their faith, not being known about. If we are serious about respecting what matters to people and helping them make informed decisions, then advance care planning and the conversations it opens up are really important.

This event will provide an opportunity to hear more about what residents are telling us and to collaboratively develop practical solutions on advance care planning that can be integrated in your day to day practice.

This session will cover:

  • Advance care planning what it is and what it’s not
  • Service user’s experiences
  • Identification and communication tips for having conversations
  • Your role in promoting and supporting residents with advance care planning

This webinar will increase your confidence in:

  • Understanding advance statements, advance decisions to refuse treatment, and lasting power of attorney in practice
  • Understanding advance care planning from Newham residents perspective
  • Facilitating conversations with residents around advance care planning
  • Your role in informing and supporting residents
Michael Sobell Hospice 
Palliative Care Department
Mount Vernon Hospital, Gate 3
Northwood HA6 2RN
United Kingdom

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