Russell Brand addresses grief

Russell Brand death

Russell Brand has has addressed many social and economical aspects of life and society over the years in both his standup comedy shows, his Youtube channel and podcasts. It is great that Russell has addressed ‘Dealing With Grief’…

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What is a celebrant?


We recently spoke about end of life planning and MyWishes at the annual Celebrants Convention. Whilst there we caught up with Wendy Coulton a fully qualified Civil Funeral Celebrant. In the video below Wendy Coulton explains what a celebrant…

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How technology has changed my life as a ‘End of Life’ Doctor

Hello my name is Ollie Minton… I love my phone / my iPad and they are essential parts of life. It is not the clichéd work life balance more like a detachable cyborg component – I am not…

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Remembering David Bowie on the streets of Brixton, London

On the night of David Bowies death me and a few friends decided to head into Brixton in London where David Bowie was born. A celebration of his life was organised that day and tens of thousands of…

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We will be visiting Albany and New York in October and November

My Wishes New York

  We will be speaking at this years Digital Legacy Conference and would love to meet those working within the tech, end of life and hospice sector. Please get in touch if you are going to be in…

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Welcome, to MyWishes (closed beta)

Welcome! If you are reading this message then you have been provided access to MyWishes before it launches.  I hope that you enjoy having a snoop around and we welcome any feedback you may have. To get started…

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MyWishes, a community approach to end of life planning

We have been working hard with professionals and the general public to launch MyWishes in an attempt to change and better the ways in which we  approach death and ensure that our wishes are adhered to. If you…

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Raising awareness and campaigning

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We spoke on Jon Richardson’s TV show about planning for death digitally…

Jon Richardson

We were asked to talk about MyWishes on John Richardson’s Ultimate Worrier. It is great that mainstream TV stations are not only taking interest in our service and what we provide but also end of life planning in…

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