Mental health and palliative care: Equipped to care’

The ‘Wellbeing Hub’ developed in partnership with Harlington Hospice was recently shortlisted for the Royal Society of Medicine’s annual ‘Palliative Care and Mental Health Prize’.

The award formed part of the RSM’s annual ‘Mental health and palliative care: Equipped to care’ event. 

The wider objective on the event for attendees was to

  • Gain an overview of new innovations for meeting the palliative needs of people with mental illness 
  • Understand approaches to managing mental and physical multimorbidity
  • Learn from best practice examples in psychiatry and palliative care 
  • Engage in interactive workshops and case based discussions exploring mental and physical multimorbidity 
Presenting our work at the Royal Society of Medicine

As part of the award process, we were invited to present a moderated oral presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine in London on the 29th November.

Unfortunately the Wellbeing Hub did not win the overall award however we are grateful to the RSM for short listing the project as a ‘prize submission’. We also thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to present our work and learn how other professionals are providing improving care and innovating within the palliative care and mental health space.

About the Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub was created following a successful grant from the Masonic Charitable Foundation. The grant was managed and allocated by Hospice UK to help ‘reimagine hospice wellbeing services’.

This project is a partnership between Harlington Hospice and the tech for good platform, MyWishes. The Wellbeing Hub launched during Hospice UK’s annual ‘Hospice Care Week 2023’.

Project aims 

  • Deliver first-of-its-kind Digital Wellbeing Hub.
  • Empower the local community to take charge of their future health and wellbeing (two are symbiotic). 
  • Utilise technology to reimagine existing wellbeing services.
  • Improve residents transitioning from community care to the inpatient unit (and help make hospice care feel more approachable).
  • Normalise hospice wellbeing services.
  • Integrate with Hillingdon’s newly created End of life coordination Hub
  • Improve triaging and person centred care across Hillingdon (in bith clinical and non clinical settings).

To learn more about the Wellbeing Hub click here

“Developing the Wellbeing Hub was a great opportunity to learn from other professionals providing wellbeing services in. Hillingdon. The wellbeing services provided by Harlington Hospice and charitable partners have also been a source of personal inspiration. We look forward to supporting Hillingdon residents in the months and years to come whilst improving the value provided through the Wellbeing Hub and the others services available to residents on MyWishes”. 


 – Thanh Vu, MyWishes Chief Technical Officer

Michael Sobell House
Palliative Care Department
Mount Vernon Hospital, Gate 3
Northwood HA6 2RN
United Kingdom

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MyWishes free to use software was developed under the guidance of healthcare, hospice, legal and funeral professionals. Our platform empowers society to make plans for both themselves and those they care about.