MyWishes presenting at EAPC 2021

We are delighted to announce that we will be sharing information about MyWishes’ impact at the European Association of Palliative Care World Congress. EAPC is a membership organisation dedicated to lobbying and advocating for the promotion and development of palliative care throughout Europe. Their congress brings together professionals and innovators from across the globe enabling the sharing of ideas, methodologies and best practice. We will be presenting two posters highlighting both how MyWishes is ‘democratising death using technology during the COVID-19 pandemic’ and ‘improving postural care assessments in Wales’.


Paper 1: Democratising death using technology during the COVID-19 pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic started we decided to make everything on MyWishes free to use and in doing so, democratise end of life planning. We wanted to reinvent care planning and make it relevant for today’s digitally savvy generation. It is important that despite providing a complex service for our community, the platform is intuitive and simple to understand and use. This was achieved by adopting intelligent, user-centred design principles, providing videos tutorials in each section and clear informative information.

This presentation will highlight how we are changing the ways in which our community thinks about death and makes plans for it on MyWishes.

Paper 2: Digitalising and improving postural assessments in Wales - Health Hack and the Postural Care Passport

Postural assessment information is often laid out on an A5 laminated card is clipped to the person’s wheelchair. When someone is admitted to hospital, wheelchairs rarely go with the person until the point of discharge. Our goal was to develop a tool that digitises the postural assessments and makes is rapidly available in all settings in case of emergency. This ‘challenge’ was set at NHS Wales ‘Health Hack’. The challenge needed to be developed (hacked) together and demoed within one week.

We worked intensively and collaborated with NHS Wales professionals for one week to deliver the innovation. The solution allows completed assessments to be uploaded. Photos and videos instructions can also be uploaded providing more detailed guidance. Once uploaded the assessments can be rapidly accessed  by entering the memorable word into the person’s unique MyWishes URL (sometimes called a ‘handle’).

We deployed the feature and it is now available on MyWishes and free for those living in England, Wales and Scotland.


Learn how to make plans for yourself and those you care about

MyWishes free to use software was developed under the guidance of healthcare, hospice, legal and funeral professionals. Our platforms empowers society to make plans for both themselves and those they care about.

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