The Problem

Most people have not stated what they would like to happen should they die or lose capacity to look after themselves. They have not made plans for their estate or for their loved ones. Death is confusing and until now there has been no immediate benefit or reward for someone documenting and sharing their wishes with both professionals and those they care about.

The Solution

MyWishes breaks down the smoke and mirrors around end of life planning and provides free tools that encourage society to address both their physical and digital lives.

MyWishes utilises ’generation me’ and ‘gamification’ to provide immediate benefits and rewards. MyWishes hopes that this unique approach to end of life planning will change conversations and behaviours around estate ownership, digital legacy and advance care planning.

MyWishes Software

MyWishes users document details and preferences for their estate, healthcare, social care, digital legacy and funeral. These are then downloaded and shared (with a friend, family member, GP, Carer Solicitor etc). Users can publish their funeral playlist and bucket list before onto their public MyWishes page and release a series of goodbye messages for their loved ones after their death.

Some of the features include:

Once a user has registered and logged in, video tutorials provide support and guidance in each section. The MyWishes suite of features include:


Research and Development

MyWishes was developed with guidance, feedback and direction provided by members of NHS England, The Law Society, Hospice UK and an array of technology companies.

“By incorporating aspects of mainstream culture, such as gamification and mindfulness we hope to make end of life planning and self-care normal, sensible and mainstream”. – James Norris, Founder MyWishes

MyWishes was piloted with a number of hospices, charities and user groups across England. Due to today’s challenging circumstances, MyWishes has made the decision to make the software available to all, for free from today.

Further details

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