Memento Mori Disco

Memento Mori Disco is an evening party for Palliative Care Congress 2023 attendees.

The Palliative Care Congress 2023 is taking place between the 16th-17th March. Once the first day of the conference has wrapped up, an evening party will take place from 7pm-11pm at the Festival Pub (2 minute walk from the EICC). It will be an informal opportunity for conversations, networking and friendship making to take place. 

Music Policy

Palliative Care DJs will be playing music by deceased artists throughout the evening. The music will be chosen be chosen by attendees. Slow songs will be played at the start and the more uptempo songs towards the end.

Request a song using the form below...

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Artists already added to the DJs Memento Mori roster range from David Bowie and Queen to Johnny Rotten and 2Pac Shakur. The songs played will celebrate the music and legacy of a diverse and eclectic mix of musicians who have had an impact on the lives of palliative care professionals attending this year’s Congress.

Palliative Care DJs…we need you!

If you work within palliative care, are attending this year’s Congress and also DJ, please get in touch. We would love for you to join other palliative care DJs and perform (we can accommodate whichever setup and controller you are familiar with).

Get in touch by clicking here

Reserve a free ticket now

The party is free to attend but please reserve a ticket in advance for accreditation and entry. The capacity of the venue is 150 people and food will be served until 10pm. If you plan to eat and it’s very busy when you arrive, you might want to eat somewhere else nearby. There isn’t a dress code so conference attire or casual clothing are both fine.


Drink donation / sponsors

This is a not for profit event and is free to attend. If your company or the company you work for would like to buy attendees a few drinks please use the form below. We have capped the bar tab at £1000. If this amount is reached no further sponsors will be able to contribute.

100% of donations will go behind the bar for attendees. Sponsor(s) will receive “thank you” shout outs from the palliative care DJs and the thanks of those attending. The recommended sponsorship amount is £300 – £600. If you are able to provide attendees with drinks, get in touch: in touch: 

About The Palliative Care Congress 2023

The Association for Palliative Medicine of Great Britain and Ireland (APM) hosts the Palliative Care Congress in a different city each year. It attracts over 500 delegates from around the world from a diverse multidisciplinary background. In 2023 the PCC will be bringing Congress to the Edinburgh International Conference Centre (EICC) in Scotland. 

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MyWishes at PCC 2023

Members of the MyWishes team will be attending and participating in PCC 2023. On Friday James Norris from MyWishes and Professor Mark Taubert a palliative medicine hospital consultant and clinical director at Velindre University NHS Trust will deliver the morning plenary titled ‘Utilising Technology within end-of-life care’.

MyWishes will also be hosting the Memento Mori Disco (as outlined above).

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