Jonnie Irwin feature on BBC Morning Live

On Friday, Jonnie Irwin spoke about the importance he places on his ‘Digital Legacy’. Jonnie is a well know public figure familiar to many for presenting ‘A Place in the Sun’ and ‘Escape to the Country’. Last year he received a terminal lung cancer diagnosis and recently reflected on the importance of his digital footprint and the content that will one day help inform his digital legacy.

The feature also included information about MyWishes and how our ‘Digital Will’ service is being used by society to help document, share and safeguard peoples wishes.

Getting your digital affairs in order

  • Think about the accounts that you use and where your digital assets are located (online and spread across various electronic devices)
  • Backup and share your important assets and information
  • Make suitable plans for your online accounts and document your wishes within a Digital Will (also called a Social Media Will)
  • Download, sign and share copies of your Digital Will at least one person who you trust
  • Document digital assets of a financial value within a Last Will & Testament
  • Download, sign and share copies of your Last Will & Testament with at least one person who you trust
  • Consider curating your favourite photos and videos and sharing them when you have the capacity to do so
  • Consider leaving ‘Goodbye‘ and ‘Scheduled messages‘ for loved ones in the future. This can help bring your digital life to a managed ending

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Learn how to make plans for yourself and those you care about

MyWishes free to use software was developed under the guidance of healthcare, hospice, legal and funeral professionals. Our platform empowers society to make plans for themselves, their possessions and those they care about.

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