ESCTOX / UKASCC Conference – Thursday 17th & Friday 18th March 2022

James from the MyWishes team will be the last speaker at the upcoming ESCTOX / UKASCC conference.

The ESCTOX / UKASCC conference is the first in the UK to focus entirely on supportive cancer care. We have brought together speakers from all over the globe to share their knowledge and expertise, and we welcome delegates from all medical and allied health specialties to learn more about this fast growing field of oncology.

The aim of this 2-day course is to provide a range of up to date, evidence-based guidance on how to anticipate and manage problems associated with cancer and its treatment. Please do join us for this unique event, as we also launch UKASCC – the UK Association of Supportive Care in Cancer.

*CPD Accreditation will be applied for from The Royal College of Physicians

Intended Audience 

Clinical Nurse Specialists, GP’s, Oncologists, General Physicians, Emergency Physicians, Medical Trainees, Research Nurses, Acute Oncology Nurses, palliative care professionals and all Allied Health Professionals involved in cancer treatment options

What to expect

  • New Developments
  • Toxicities of therapy
  • Living well—preservation of performance status
  • Developing the research in supportive care
  • Psychology/QOL/Palliative care

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“Supportive care makes excellent cancer care possible ” – MASCC 2021

Day 1

09.00 – Online Registration
09.15 – Welcome / Conference opening (day 1) – Dr Richard Berman and Dr Saifee Mullamitha

New Developments (technologies/drugs  – 09.30 – 11.00 Chaired by Dr Claire Higham)

09.30 – New anti-cancer agents: 2022 and beyond
09.50 – Personalised Supportive Care – Dr Maryam Lustberg, Director of the Breast Centre Smilow Cancer Hospital, Yale Cancer Centre, USA
10.20 – Digital Technologies – Paolo Bossi, Associate Professor of Oncology, Universita delgi Studi di Brescia, Italy
10.50 – Panel discussion
11:00 – Coffee Break

Toxicities of Therapy (11.15 – 13.00  Chaired by Dr Saifee Mullimaitha)

11.15 – Emerging Immunotherapy toxicities  TBC
11.35 – Bone Health during treatment – Dr Claire Higham, Consultant Endocrinologist, The Christie NHS FT
11.55 – A nephrologists guide: how to look after your kidneys – Dr Tam AlSayed, Honorary Consultant Acute and Critical Care, The Christie NHS FT
12.15 – VTE – Dr Simon Noble, Marie Curie Professor in Supportive and Palliative Medicine, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff
12.40 – Panel Discussion
13:00 – Lunch

Living Well –preservation of performance status (13.30 – 15.30  Chaired by Dr Daniel Anderson)

13.30 – Integrative medicine (CIM) in the treatment of chemotherapy-induced toxicities – Prof Judith Lacey, Head of Supportive Care, Life house Australia
13.50 – Lifestyle medicine and cancer care – Dr Stephen Kennedy, Consultant in Clinical Oncology, The Christie NHS FT
14:10 – Sarcopenia – Dr Alexandra Lewis, Clinical Fellow in Medical Oncology, The Christie NHS FT
14.30 – Lets talk about sex – Isabel White
15.00 – Panel Discussion
15:15 – Coffee Break

Psychology / QOL / Palliative Care (15.30- 17.00  Chaired by Dr Richard Berman)

15.30 – Surviving Cancer Well – Hannah Wardill, NHMRC CJ Martin Biomedical Research Fellow, Supportive Oncology Research Group | School of Biomedicine, University of Adelaide
15.50 – Integration of Palliative Care within Supportive Care – Dr Ashique Ahamed, Consultant in Palliative Medicine, The Christie NHS FT
16.10 – Common mental health problems and their treatment – Dr Daniel Anderson,  Consultant Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, Division of Cancer Services, University of Manchester
16.30 – Enhanced Supportive Care: less chemotherapy for equal survival – Dr Daniel Monnery, Palliative Care Consultant, The Clatterbridge cancer Centre
16.50 – Panel Discussion

Day 2

09.00 – Online Registration

What can we learn from Industry (09.15 – 10.15 Chaired by Dr Richard Berman)

09.15 – Supportive Care and commercial technology: the rise of photobiomodulation – James Carroll, CEO Thorlaser
09.45 – Commercialising Supportive and Palliative Care – Charlotte Healey, CEO, SCUK Ltd
10.10 – Panel discussion
10:20 – Coffee Break

I had Cancer: stories from survivors (10.30 – 12.00 Chaired by Dr Richard  Berman and Dr Saifee Mullimaitha)

10.30 – Patient Story 1— TBC
10.50 – Patient Story 2—Paul Berman
11.10 – Patient Story 2—Nerys Lyne
11.30 – Panel Discussion

Developing the research in supportive care / LWBC (12.30 – 14.00)  Chaired by Dr Ashique Ahamed

12.30 – UK Oncology research and supportive care – Prof Sam Ahmedzai, Emeritus Professor, The University of Sheffield and Chair of NIHR Cancer & Nutrition Collaboration
12.50 – Cannabinoids in Cachexia – Dr Barry Laird, St Columba’s Hospice Reader in Palliative medicine, Institute of genetics and cancer, University of Edinburgh & Consultant in Palliative Medicine, St Columba’s Hospice and Edinburgh Cancer centre
13.10 – Research & supportive oncology: time for a new approach? – Prof Fiona Blackhall, Professor of Thoracic Oncology and Honorary Consultant in Medical Oncology, University of Manchester and The Christie NHS FT
13.30 – UK Oncology research and supportive care – Professor Sara Faithful, NCRI Lead for Living with and Beyond Cancer
13.50 – Panel discussion

The future of supportive care & official launch of UKASCC (14.00 – 14.30  Chaired by Dr Richard Berman

14.00 – The Multinational Association of Supportive Care in Cancer – Prof Andrew Davies, Professor of Palliative Medicine, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin & Our Lady’s Hospice Dublin
14.20 – The rise of supportive cancer in the UK – Dr Richard Berman, Consultant in Palliative medicine, The Christie NHS FT
14:35 – UKASSC: official launch ceremony
14:45 – Coffee Break

Children and Young Adults with Cancer (15.00 – 16.15)  Chaired by TBC

15.00 – Later treatment toxicities in children – Dr Martin McCabe, Honorary Consultant in Paediatric and Teenage and Young Adolescent Oncology, The Christie NHS FT
15.20 – Role of supportive care within Paediatric Oncology – Dr Bob Philips, Honorary Consultant in Paediatric and Teenage and Young Adult Oncology, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS FT
15.40 –  Digital Legacies  – James Norris, The Digital Legacy Association and MyWishes
16.00 – Panel Discussion
16.10 – Summary and close of conference



CPD Accreditation will be applied for from The Royal College of Physicians. This event will take place virtually and all of the sessions will available to watch back on demand to the registered participants.

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