Social Media Guides for dealing with death

Each social network has it’s own rules, regulations and processes when dealing with death.We have provided step by guides and tutorials to help you manage, maintain, transfer information or even delete individual accounts. There isn’t a best way or ‘best practice’ to follow when preparing for death on social media sites. We therefore aim to educate, provide tools to help cater for each individual’s needs.

Support for those left behind

There are a range of different options and ways in which our social networks and digital assets can be managed and distributed once we have gone. If you are recently bereaved you may find out ‘Recently bereaved’ section of value.


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Paid for social media legacy and management tools

There are an increasing number of paid for service to help you store, download and manage both your digital media and digital legacy. These services charge a monthly or yearly fee. They tend to fragment and disperse your content further and increase the complexities around backing up your files and passing it over to your next of kin. Many of these can ironically hinder both the management of your digital content and your digital legacy. We are committed to educating and empowering each individual. We do this by a number of ways however transparency and education form a large part of what we do.

Our ‘resources’ highlights different ways in which we can build, manage and maintain your own digital legacy. Our free ‘goodbye’ tool can help you extend your digital legacy further.