Raising Awareness

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A lot of our time and engery is spent raising awareness over the importance of preparing for death from a digital technological perspective. We do this both on and offline through as many mediums as possible.


National Awareness


We are actively engaged with the UK media to help to ensure that all areas surrounding digital death and digital legacy are spoken about and addressed.


BBC News featuring DeadSocial

Global Awareness


We are dedicated for in raising awareness across the globe and in doing so helping us all to have our end of life wishes met both in the virtual and real world. We have been featured in a range of TV programmes, radio, newspapers and online online publications across the globe. If you would like to read what has been said about us in your native language click on the relevant link below:



Local Community Awareness


We engage with the national and local community though a range of events that we host and participate in. We often partner and support both local and national organisations with fundraising and awareness campaigns. These range from helping to raise money and awareness for Brompton Cemetery by forging a media partnership and launching the Adopt a Grave initiative to taking over a Pop-Up for seven days and programming in a range of events, workshops and speakers in order to help promote Dying Matters Awareness Week. 


Tim Watt - DeadSocial's Pop-Up Shop for Dying Matters Awareness Week



Healthcare and End of Life Professional Awareness


We have consulted and provided support for a range of charities and not for profit organisations on the subjects of death, digital death and digital legacy. We also have given seminars to healthcare and end of life professionals at events ranging from the Macmillan Primary Care Conference and Health 2.0 Europe  to The Ideal Death Show and at the Centre for Death & Society (Bath University). A list of our upcoming speaking engagements can be found here.

Transition in Palliative Care

DeadSocial’s virtual seminar at the Transition in Palliative Care Conference, Tŷ Hafan Children’s Hospice


We will soon open a new forum / group specifically for Carers, healthcare professionals and end of life professionals to discuss all maters that relate to proving digital death, digital legacy and technology support for patients and the general public. To view our healthcare professional and carers section click here.


DeadSocials Before I Die Graffiti Wall and Twitter Hashtag Wall

DeadSocial’s Before I Die…graffiti wall & Twitter Hashtag wall, London


To attain an overview of our work and ongoing campaigning click here.