Our Digital Legacy Pop-Up Booth heads to East London with BBCThree & a VW Camper Van!

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This Sunday (18th October) we will be running our ‘Digital Legacy Pop-Up Booth’ between 11am-5pm on Braithwaite Street, London. We will have a VW Camper Van set up as a pop up studio for you to record legacy messages to be sent out on your behalf following your death. These will be provided digitally to you (via email) within a day or so.

vw van

bbc three

The BBC will be there filming interviews for a documentary with people interested in creating digital legacies and those recording their farewell messages.


How to find us:

bbc map


Things you may want to think about before Sunday…

• Don’t wear thin-stripy shirts, as your video may appear fuzzy when viewed.

• Wear something that reflects who you are.

• Consider bringing a photo or an item of sentimental value if you would like it to be shown in your video.

• Be as serious, creative or somber as you see fit. There isn’t a right or wrong way to do this. It’s your video and should reflect you in today’s world. Stuff to think about… You may want to pick one or more of the areas outlined below to include in your video:

• What is important to you?

• Who inspires you?

• Your family history knowledge?

• A story that you would like to be remembered and recited?

• What is your favourite saying (for example: always look on the Brightside of life)

• What are the highlights of your life (so far)?

• What are the low-lights of your life (so far)?

• Where you and your family are from?

• What your life has been like (to date)?

• What advice do you have for those you leave behind?

• What is your favourite music, art, books, aftershave, sports team?

• What are your religious / political views?

• What your hopes and dreams are for your friends and family? …or anything else that springs to mind. It’s YOUR video and your legacy.

…or anything else that springs to mind. It’s YOUR video and your legacy.