Offline Legacy Builder


It is very important for those who use digital devices and the internet to prepare for death both on and offline. When preparing for death from an offline legacy perspective we can carryout a number of tasks that will help highlight our offline possessions of sentimental, monetary and spiritual value.


Addressing our legacy and the legacy of others through reflection 


The video below helps us to contemplate our own legacy by the actions we take and the impact we have on others.



Tasks to Consider


  • Try to settle any disputes or family grievances that may have occurred (to date).
  • Say “thank you” to the people who have helped you both in your personal and business life
  • Write a list of the things that are sentimental to you (include any family or personal heirlooms). Consider appending this list to your will.
  • Consider telling your beneficiaries which heirlooms you are leaving them and why. Family disputes often occur due to sentimental family heirlooms not being included in a will or spoken about before death.
  • Find photos (that you like) of yourself and others who have had an impact on you in your life. Consider tagging printed photos.
  • Write letters to your loved ones and consider leaving a video to be shown at your funeral or at a later date.
  • Design and build a ‘Coat of Arms‘ by yourself or with your friends and family members.
  • Tell someone about any tasks you have carried out, where you keep your family documentation, treasured possessions etc


Ghandi - My life is my message

The image above shows DeadSocial’s ‘My Life Is My Message’ installation. Participants wrote what they would like to do before death. (The biodegradable coffin was kindly donated by Greenfield Creations. The Before I die… concept was devised by the artist Candy Chang. DeadSocial were the first organisation / person to import her wonderful concept to London).


The basics (do these first)