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Funerals remain an important way for us to say “goodbye” to our loved ones. It is important that the ceremony is both respectful and in keeping with the any directions left by the deceased.

Over the last five years of so there have been a number of movements surrounding the types of funerals that are socially acceptable. These have largely been driven by the current economic conditions, the rise of the internet and philanthropic movements around death such as the natural death movement and the rise of home funerals.


Deciding what kind of funeral would you like to arrange or have for yourself


Funerals and funeral wishes are changing rapidly. The graph below highlights peoples attitudes in 2014.


What kind of funeral would you like

Data attained from DeadSocial’s Digital Death Survey 2014.


Funeral-tech tutorials


Technology is playing an increasingly important role in funerals across the globe. You may find some of our funeral-tech tutorials below of interest.  



An Undertakers most frequently asked questions


Leverton & Sons have been Independent Funeral Directors in London since 1789. Richard Putt one of the Directors at Leverton’s has answered some of the most fequently asked questions (FAQ’s) that he and other funeral directors encounter. This was filmed by DeadSocial after Leverton & Sons ‘took over’ DeadSocial’s Pop-Up Shop for ‘Dying Matters Awareness Week’ in London, UK.


The questions Richard answers include:


  • Can I be buried in my own garden? 
  • How much does a funeral cost? (how much does it cost to be buried? / how much does it cost to be cremated?)
  • Do you need a funeral director?
  • How can I find out about natural burials & woodland funerals?
  • When someone is cremated are all of the ashes given to the relatives from one person



An example of a bespoke funeral hearse


Only fools and hearses

The ‘Only Fools & Hearses’ hearse in the UK


Funerals, mobile phones, social media and social etiquette  


Social media has helped overthrow governments and has revolutionized the way in which we live and communicate and do business. It is now changing the way we remember, grieve, are remembered and our attitudes towards death.

Funeral Selfie 

Funeral preparation and planning support


We have provided a range of tutorials in the resources section. These highlight how you may want to use technology when thinking about and preparing for death in todays digital world.

We recommend visiting the Good Funeral Guide for advice and guidance on areas such as deciding what type of funeral to have and how best to arrange it


Have you put any money aside for your funeral?


Have you put any money aside for your funeral

 Data attained from the Digital Death Survey 2014. For further resources addressing the cost of death, funerals and your money, click here


Digital funeral resources (in-case you missed them the first time around)