Digital Legacy Association is launched

The Digital Legacy Association was announced at this year’s Hospice UK conference. Its purpose is to help support and train hospice and healthcare professionals in areas relating to digital end of life and digital legacy.

The new website contains a free framework for healthcare professionals and carers to download. The purpose of the framework is to empower those providing care to have conversations around death in relation to the internet, social media and internet enabled devices (for example mobile phones).

Digital Legacy Association Homepage


The Digital Legacy Association encourages all healthcare professionals to read and review the framework regardless of whether or not they use the internet and social media sites.

The framework will be updated on a regular basis with the support of legal experts, digital media professionals, healthcare professionals and the end of life sector.

It is hoped that the framework will help to provide healthcare professionals with the knowledge and confidence to start conversations around this increasingly important area. In doing so it is expected that more people nearing the end of their lives will address these often-complex areas in advanced. The Digital Legacy Association believe that this kind of preplanning will provide increased comfort for the recently bereaved and reduce the amount of time and stress that could have otherwise been caused.