DeadSocial helping to address “SHHHH Topics….” at Health 2.0 Europe

Health 2.0 Europe


SHHHH Topics…. Overcoming Addictions, Grief, and Stress (Moderated by Pascal Lardier – Health 2.0)

While we openly examine how diet, exercise, and disease impact our health, rarely are life factors such as care giving, depression and addiction factored into the formal conversation. In this session, explore how digital health tools help individuals manage how death, depression, caregiving, addiction, and stress impact the whole picture of their health.

Demos and discussion by


  • Big White Wall – Jen Hyatt (United Kingdom)
  • CareZapp – Andrew Macfarlane (Ireland)
  • Paper – Rupert Tebb (United Kingdom)
  • DeadSocial – James Norris (United Kingdom)
  • MyDirectives – Jonathon Carr-Brown (United Kingdom)
  • Newolo – Philippe Santraine (Finland)


 About Health 2.0


The 4th annual Health 2.0 Europe was a great success with over 475 delegates, 80 speakers, 50 live demos, 30 journalists, plus an exciting pre-conference session on Health 2.0 tools for the Elderly, a workshop for investors interested in digital health, and another one exploring the specificities of the Central and Eastern European market. More importantly, we had an amazing time showcasing the latest in health technology, taking part in thought-provoking discussions and witnessing a high level of networking coming together at the event.

We loved London and your feedback shows you did too: the city’s vibrant entrepreneurial spirit and dynamic investment community is the perfect place to take your Health 2.0 initiatives to the next level. We will be back in 2014 for another new exciting edition at the Mermaid Conference Centre. 


  • More information about Health 2.0 Conference and the full speaker lineup can be viewed here
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