Create a backup of the deceased’s website or blog



Many of us now have business and personal websites and blogs. If someone you care about has died and they didn’t make any plans prior to death for their website or blog you may be interested in using a tool called ‘SiteSucker’ to pull the content off of their website and create a copy. This will not be published online however if the deceased’s hosting stops or their blog is removed you will still have access via a hard copy.


Before continuing however you may want to:


  • Find out if any wishes were left regarding the deceased’s website and/or blog
  • Find out who hosts the current website (and take any relevant actions in regards to transferring ownership etc).


How to download a copy of a website or blog using SiteSucker.


SiteSucker copies a website’s HTML documents, images, backgrounds, movies, and other files to your local hard drive. it is currently only available on mac. It can be purchased for $4.99 here

If you are using a Windows computer you may find a suitable similar solution by searching online

Now enter a URL for the website that you would like to create a copy of (for example and click ‘return’ and a copy of the pages will start to be saved onto your computers hard drive.


site sucker


If you own your own website and/or blog you may find the following tutorial of interest: What do you want to happen to your website or blog when you die?